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February - 2005

COUNTACH sends me their hard rockin "Gasoline". Shades of Ozzy and a whole lot of heavy, these boys have got their foot to the floor. Black highway music for long endless drives and wasted nights, let us know when you get to town.
Like a rock-n-roll blender DMBQ... sends me "The Essential Sounds From The Far East". Over the top with no signs of stopping, a whirllygig of sonic furry. Tight and loose, just add alcohol - this shit is crazy.
ON A PALE HORSE sends me "Black Is Not The Darkest Colour". Rock metal mayhem for your darker senses, ripping guitars and power vocals. One mother of an album, this must be great live (hint, hint, hint).
"Species Closeout" comes to me from THEA K. A lo-fi mix of punk and hip, trash guitar and fishnet vocals. Eleven tunes to shake your mood, simple tight grooves... what more could a ya ask for on a first date?
CHANCER sends their latest demo "The Fall". Five songs that don't try too hard, college rock on a handful of pills. Good songs and nice musicianship but where's the danger? We're the Waste not VH1.
Get your stomp on... THE HOLY GHOST sends me "Welcome To Ignore Us". Sickly sweet rock-n-roll, a wonderlust beat that makes ya want to party. Beautiful songs with a touch of insane, powerful and passionate. Check 'em out and tell them the Waste sent you.
Love them guitars... KEVIN K sends me "Mr. Bones", nine thrashin songs from the man himself. Skeleton grooves and attitude, fat ass tunes that deliver. Listen up - school is in session.
Realkat Records
"Live In A Dive" check out LAGWAGON. Post punkers stepping out, all the songs and a comic book for the kiddies. One for the fans, thrill seekers and the curious.
THE PENNY ROYALS sends me their latest rocker "There Is No Revolution!". Power pop that kicks, an explosive sound that will have you bouncing off the walls. Cool future grooves with an ear to the street, friggin brilliant.
"Don't Waste Time" comes to me from K AND THE BOYS. Slinky sex rock with a taste for the bizarre. Five songs that walk in their own direction, if you're looking for something new... here it is.
Serious as a... "Heart Attack" comes from THE VACANCY. Post punk garage rock with the works, a full-on blast of guitars, vocals and energy. As the man said, "the kids are alright".
THE PRIMMS send me "Pr1mm". Basement rock with a darker side, three songs that will have you wanting more. Thick guitars and bittersweet vocals, a wonderful mix that rocks and roars.
"Stabbing The Drama" from SOILWORK is this month's winner for soundtrack to a speeding ticket. Rockin metal, deaththrow vocals - a massive sound that goes the extra mile. The good, the bad and the dirty... this one's for you.
ATOMIC NUMBER 76 sends me "Cursed Forever". 1968 is back in town... acid rockers on a roll, Sabbath meets the Doors with all the trimmings. Turn on and tune in, these boys are on are deep into the purple.

Holy Shit, it's The Monkeys on crack... check out LESION's latest "The See, Sniff, Rub, Lick, Listen DVD". Drop dead funny without trying, a collection of insane circumstances collected into five short films. All the sex, drugs and rock-n-roll you expect and then some. Throw Hollywood out on their ass, Dr. Gustave and the boys will be running things from now on.
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